Welcome to the website all about: Health, Diet and Weight Loss... www.healthdietweightloss.com!

There's a fair chance you are reading this page because you want to know what this website is all about. Well, I hate to state the obvious, but the title kinda gives the secret away!

Yes, it's the website for everyone who cares about themselves, their physical state of being and how they look and feel. In short, their HEALTH!

I'm here to provide information and share my own extensive knowledge in this area. It may came as no great surprise that it just happens to be a passion of mine, since I stand by my opening sentences on the home page that a person's health is everything.

I don't think there can possibly be a more fascinating and attractive subject than the study of ourselves in this case, the physical aspect of ourselves or our overall well being and healthfulness. For that reason, I delve into the amazing world of food, diet and nutrition and how it can be an enjoyable benefit to a long and happy life or the road to illness and early death.

So please take some time and browse around in here, because there's sure to be something that will take your attention and give you something to think long and hard about!