It can often be tempting to try all manner of strange or unusual diet plans, especially if a regular diet you have been on hasn't produced the kind of rapid or extreme results you may have been expecting.

It is still important to remember the basics and why things happen the way they happen.

Dieting is not about trying to shed several pounds every week and it shouldn't be used to attempt that. It's more to do with improving physical health and losing a pound or two per week being a by-product of that process.

healthy dietThere are really on a few strategies that comply with weight loss basics and these revolve around diet, exercise and mental attitude. Get those three working in harmony and you will get steady and sure results. To give you an idea of how this works, here are those basics in a nutshell.

Be Positive

Having the right mental attitude is most important as it puts you in the right frame of mind to be motivated to do the work you need to do. So being positive about losing weight is an essential first step to succeeding.

Let's face it, anyone can be negative and whinge and whine about how tough it is to lose weight. That doesn't get them anywhere and certainly doesn't provide any satisfaction. Getting satisfaction comes from achieving things.

So if watching the pounds fall off you is what you want to achieve, then get behind that desire and do what you have to do in order to make it real!

Eat Right

Your diet is of great importance because if you are eating the right foods, then your body can metabolize them correctly and store less fat as a result. Eating healthy, wholesome foods that are made up from fresh ingredients and contain no processed foods is the way to be kind to your body and get the most from it in terms of digesting and metabolizing food.

One basic technique is to focus not on all the food you have to avoid, but on the food you should be eating for health and fitness! It's a little psychological trick you can play on your mind, but it actually works. When you are putting all your energy into imagining all the great ways in which you can cook and serve up great meals consisting of the things you can eat, you tend to lose interest in all the other stuff!

Get Active

The best way to maximise dieting is to get regular exercise, as it is the way to boost your metabolism and get your muscles burning more energy. This is what must happen for your body to create a negative calorie balance that will force your body to make up the shortfall of the energy it needs from its store of fat.

That is the way to reduce fat and therefore reduce the excess weight. While you will gain a few pounds from the growth of your muscles because muscle tissue weighs more than fat tissue by volume, this is offset by the reduction of fat which will equate to net weight loss and a slimmer, trimmer physique.

The amount of weight you will lose this way will be relatively slow, gradual and steady. Combining a healthy diet plus daily exercise is the right way to do this and it sets your body up to maintain the new reduced weight once you have achieved the target you are aiming for.

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