Nutrisystem Diet Review

For those people who really need to lose some weight but are not all that sure how they are going to go about it, there is a really workable solution in Nutrisystem.

The problem for many dieters is that they just can't stick to their diet, either because they get bored with it or they just don't have the time to devote to making it work for them.

So in this article, I want to take an overview look at this option that is a lot easier than most diets to come to terms with and provide a simple review so that you can see what it is all about and how it can help you to lose weight with the minimum of fuss.

Convenience Diet

nutrisystem diet reviewIf there was just one word to sum up the major benefits of dieting with Nutrisystem, that word has to be convenience. You simply sign up and place your order online, then sit back and wait for your order to be delivered right to your door a few days later.

Then all you do is open the box, store the food away in a cool place, with the frozen items going into your freezer and then you can get started.

There are three main plans that you can opt for, which are:

These are subdivided between men and women and further subdivided for vegetarians and diabetics with options for people with certain food intolerances and special needs all catered for.

Losing Weight Is Simple

On day one, you start with breakfast that is ready in a jiffy and requires little or no preparation on your part. Same goes for lunch and dinner with you not having to cook anything or prepare any food.

You don't have to worry about counting calories or measuring stuff because all of that is done for you. In fact, literally all you have to do is eat the food and nothing else and you will lose weight.

Of course you should do some things to help yourself along, but it is completely up to you what you do. You can do nothing and maybe you will only lose weight slowly. Or you can get yourself outdoors and be more active and then you will lose weight faster. That's your choice, but the sensible choice is to do some stuff to make it work better for you.

The Cost

A common question crops up for potential new customers and that is, what does it cost to join Nutrisystem? This is where you discover just how affordable this easy and convenient way of dieting can actually be.

Prices vary through the year as different promotions are launched to coincide with seasons or particular holidays, but in general they start at around $10 per day for the Basic Plan for women and rise to around $13 per day for the higher quality Uniquely Yours plan for men. Please check with the official Nutrisystem website for accurate and up to date prices.

Does Nutrisystem Work?

Of course it works, as long as you follow the plan and don't cheat. That's about all you have to do, really. But there are a few things you have to be aware of before you even go ahead and sign up, and something that all good Nutrisystem information review articles should make you aware of.

The meal size is probably going to be smaller than what you are used to. This is to help control calories but also to educate your body into eating less in the long term. Face it, you probably got overweight in the first place because you were eating too much!

So get used to eating less and you will not only lose weight but you can keep it off by staying sensible with how much you eat after you finish the diet.

If you really need to eat more because you feel hungry, Nutrisystem recommends some foods that you can get to add to their meals, like fresh veggies and some dairy products. You do not have to add these, as they are only a recommendation. If you can get by without them, all the better!

Some people notice they suffer some flatulence in the early part of the diet. It's pretty natural and will pass after a few days. It's just your body getting used to eating more nutritious food!


The last thing you need to be aware of is the auto-delivery system that you will be signing up to. Most people get to the Nutrisystem website expecting to get a great deal because they saw an ad that said they could get money off or free meals as well as free shipping.

All this is true but you must commit to buying at least two months of food to get the free stuff. If you try and cancel before your second shipment is due, you will get billed for the balance of the free stuff up had plus shipping.

This is because the company has to make a profit and it wouldn't if everyone just took the first month and all the free or discounted promo stuff. So if you only want one month, you will have to pay the regular price up front and not get the free stuff.

In general though, most people prefer to diet for two months or more anyway as this is more effective and will result in more weight lost. Consequently, this is why you go on the diet in the first place. Enjoy!

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