How to Lose Water Weight

If you've ever wondered if there was a way to get rid of excess water that your body may be retaining, then the answer is yes.

There are several ways in which you can do this safely and with benefit to your health and well being.

how to lose water weightWater retention, or Edema, which is its medical name, is more common than you might expect. Here we give you some tips on how to lose water weight.

Seek Medical Advice First

The first thing that you should do if you're worried about water retention is to go and see your doctor, who can test you for anything that may be medically connected, just to be on the safe side.

While it can be the result of one of several medical conditions, water retention can also simply be a result of bad diet and by making some simple changes in your diet, you can help your body to remove the excess fluid from body tissue and reduce your weight at the same time. Sort of like a quick weight loss diet without the hard work!

So, as long as your doctor has ruled out any medical conditions causing your water retention, then it's time to get started on looking at what's wrong in your diet.

Why Am I Retaining Water?

There are four main reasons why your diet can be causing water retention and paying attention to any one or a combination of these can be your ticket to lower water retention levels or getting rid of it altogether. They are excess salt, excess refined sugar, lack of proteins and lack of amino acids and the vitamin B group.

So first, look at your salt intake and if you think its high, then cut some out of your foods. Watch out for processed foods, which, if you want to lose weight you should cut out of your diet anyway, as they contain a lot of hidden salt (also labeled sodium).

The same goes for refined sugar (that's white, granulated sugar to you!) and sugar substitutes, for example High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS). Stop taking sugar in tea and coffee (they really do taste better without it). Stop drinking sugary drinks such as:

Also stop eating all processed foods (if it comes in a ready-meal packet in the supermarket, it's processed), pizza, burgers, savoury snacks (yes, they contain sugar as well as salt!), cakes, biscuits, pies, pastries and chocolate or candy bars.

Add Beneficial Items to Your Diet

Increase your intake of foods high in protein, such as: